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We’re doing a giveaway every week. We’re giving away a FREE digital download of our newest CD once a week. To enter, you just have to like our Facebook page. No form to fill out, no email address to give. Just like our Facebook page.

I can’t make it any simpler.

We will choose a random person, once a week (Sunday), from those that have liked the page. If selected, you will receive a download code to download the newest album. The giveaway will last all summer 2015.

Stay Heavy!







New Merchandise

With the release of the CD, we will also have stickers and shirts for sale. It may be a few more weeks before everything arrives.

Check back soon.

Video Release – As Flames Ignite

I released a new video on YouTube for the song, As Flames Ignite.

CD Released

Well, it’s finally done. The CD is complete. Distribution has gone out digitally, I’ve seen it on iTunes, if that’s your preference. There will be multiple sites carrying the release, although some may take longer to get than others.

Physical CDs can be bought at CDBaby or any store affiliated with them and on our site. We will make more money if you buy it directly from us, as we don’t have to pay a 3rd person. If you do buy from us, select the correct area where the disc is to be sent.





3D Preview of New CD

The mastering process is over. I have submitted the CD to the distributor and duplicator. Here’s a 3D preview of the physical CD.



CD Preview on YouTube

I posted a preview of our upcoming release on YouTube. I added the video to the sidebar on this page.

Mix Update

After a week of mixing, I finally have an initial mix of all the songs on the upcoming cd. I will be spending the next week listening and correcting where needed. I am expecting to ship the songs off to the mastering house by the end of the week, if not sooner. And if that goes as planned, I should have the songs back by April 11th.

Here are the titles that will appear on the upcoming release and in no particular order.

Patterns in the Chaos

Apparitions of the Sky

As Flames Ignite

A Caress of Stars

No Hope For Tomorrow

She Said Forever

Dream Dimension

In the Cosmic Laboratory








This is just an update at what stage our CD is at. We have finished all recordings. We are now in the mix stage. I am hoping to have all songs mixed to my liking within the next two weeks.

Then off to be mastered, duplication, and finally released.

Album Cover – Invoked with Passion and Pain

The new CD artwork came in. We are in the final steps before release which should be in April 2015. ArtWork by CadiesArt –

CD ArtWork-Half Size

Patterns In The Chaos

I’m putting this out there as sort of a Christmas present. Listen or check out soon, because I will probably delete after I sober up. This song was just made, I literally just layed down the vocals. It’s completely raw. There are absolutely no effects or EQing or anything.  Below are the lyrics. I really dig this because of the lyrics. Oh and I have a Carl Sagan sample inserted into the song that is just awesome how it fits. Carl is the man!


Patterns in the Chaos
Dark days, dark ways
You will find,
The suffering of humankind

A quest to know, about our past
Cosmically seek,
How history repeats

CARL SAGAN: In our tenure on this planet,
we have… accumulated dangerous, evolutionary baggage,
propensity for aggression, ritual, submission to leaders,
hostility to outsiders,
all of which puts our survival …in some doubt.

Amidst wars and fear, I search for truth
Superstition reigns, and idiocy gains
With skeptical means, I can show you proof
Religious bigotry hate, the catalyst of our doom

Try to find, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Ancient stains, knowledge reclaimed,
so obtuse,
our leaders who abandon truth

Some can see, what lies ahead,
Knowledge decrease,
Ignorance plus tech equals us deceased,

Try to find, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Look to find, the patterns in the chaos
Our search is invane

Seeking out, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Need to find, the patterns in the chaos
to calm my soul, but it’s invane

Here me cry, the patterns in the chaos
our only hope is each other…sigh



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